Reinforce Your Data- Home Edition

Reinforce Your Data- Home Edition

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Reinforce Your Data Remote Backup is an online data backup solution designed to protect your critical data from permanent loss. Utilizing a standard Internet connection your data is securely and remotely backed up. State-of-the-art data encryption ensures your data is protected. An intuitive user interface makes setting up your backup straightforward and simple.

Automated Backup Scheduling

Backups are initiated automatically. The user determines what files to backup and how often backups should occur. Reinforce Your Data Remote Backup does the rest.

Backup by File Type

Reinforce Your Data Remote Backup can be configured to backup specific file extensions regardless of where they reside on your computer. Many common file types come pre-configured and there is no limit to the number of extensions that can be added.

Differential Data Backup

After the initial backup of a file, only the changes made to that file are transferred for subsequent backups. This significantly reduces the amount of data that has to be transmitted over the Internet, preserving your bandwidth for other uses.

Multiple Revisions

The user determines how many revisions of each file to store on Computerz101’s servers. Previous revisions of files can be restored easily.

Windows Integrated User-Interface

Reinforce Your Data Remote Backup is launched automatically upon computer start-up. Marking a file or folder for backup is never more than a right-click away.