Files from the BitTorrent network

If someone thinks that by downloading files from the BitTorrent network his actions are hidden well, here’s a bucket of cold water on his head. There is a new website out there called YouHaveDownloaded, which tracks about 20% of all downloads of BitTorrent. I doesn’t only collect data about what and by whom torrents were downloaded down but it also publish the informations.

Page is for information purposes only and is not intended to catch pirates, but rather to show user that the BitTorrent network is not anonymous. If you do not use private trackers, all data about downloaded content is available to the public and can be easily linked with an IP address. After entering the site you can find out what files were downloaded from your IP if it was registered by the system. If you’re unlucky, the transfer was entered into the database of YouHaveDownloaded site and the whole world can get to this information. Page allows you to search IP addresses and names of downloaded files. The database contains around 103 200 torrents and slightly more than 51 million addresses.

It’s not easy to stay anonymous in the Internet. Unfortunately, even people who are aware of this, consciously decides to risk by ignoring the facts.

lalala, they can’t get me

  Here is an example how could it end: I’m not trying to scare you. My point is, people that respect their privacy should definitely make an effort to hide their traffic and blur the traces. Personally I would stay away from the big torrent trackers and find myself a good private tracker or a really good Direct Connect Hub. It would be also nice to encrypt the traffic. Alright, enough of MC_GETS_SIDE_TRACKED_EASILY;)

As I mention before, this site is not your enemy. All person dissatisfied with the fact that information about recently downloaded files from their IP address can be found online are allowed to hide the entry in the YouHaveDownloaded database.

In addition, the authors are working on a new project which would protect privacy better then BitTorrent protocol. Their concept is based on the system used by Bitcoin. For now, this is only a theoretical solution, and it’s still far from implementation.